Vitrified Floor Tiles Dealer & Supplier in India

Vitrified Floor Tiles Dealer in India

Vitrified Tiles

Vitrified tile is a type of ceramic tile that has a low porosity. It's a cheaper alternative of marble and granite. Because of their water and frost resistance, vitrified tiles are frequently applied outdoors. However, with advancing technologies and innovations, vitrified tiles are making their way into most spaces, vitrified floor tiles are very popular in every kind of indoor space as well. Vitrified tiles are solid tiles comprised of the highest quality clay, silica, and quartz that have been compressed together. 

Vitrified floor tiles come in four varieties: polished, glazed, double-charged, and full body. Bluezone Vitrified Pvt. Ltd. has some of the finest vitrified tiles available. These tiles come in a wide range of sizes, as well as a number of styles and patterns that may be used in a variety of settings.

Vitrified tiles have several advantages. Some of the advantages of vitrified tiles include that they are of outstanding quality since they are manufactured using cutting-edge technology and modern craftsmanship, resulting in high-quality tiles that are far superior than conventional tiles. There are no joints in them. Over time, the visibility of joint lines takes on a blackish hue, making them appear unclean. Because vitrified tiles have no joints, they provide a simple solution to this problem. Vitrified tiles have a thicker surface and are more scratch and stain resistant. They're also chemical and acid resistant.

Vitrified Floor Tiles

Popular vitrified floor tiles are divided into two categories - Full-Body Tiles and Double Charged vitrified floor tiles. There are also polished and glazed options. Double-charged vitrified tiles are simply different colors that are mixed together at the start of the production process. Full-body vitrified tiles, on the other hand, have a single color that is evenly distributed throughout the tile body. The most durable and cost-effective tiles are double-charged and glazed vitrified tiles.

Vitrified floor tiles are an excellent choice for both commercial and residential floors. Because they are created with 3-4mm of additional tile layer, these tiles are stronger than any other conventional tile. Bedrooms, kitchens, restaurants, business spaces, parking lots, and porches are just a few of the places where these long-lasting vitrified floor tiles may be used. Bluezone Vitrified offers one of the most vivid range of vitrified floor tiles in the Indian market which makes them one of the most prominent vitrified floor tiles dealer.

Bluezone Vitrified Pvt. Ltd.

Bluezone Vitrified's dynamic capacity to develop with changing décor styles throughout time is what keeps it a relevant and trustworthy brand today. It has a good understanding of its customers, and they trust them to provide the best vitrified floor tiles. Whether it's elegance, quality, or technical genius, Bluezone Vitrified's unwavering commitment to perfection has elevated the brand to a prestigious position. The company has a dedicated mission and vision which is centered around customer satisfaction. Innovation and quality are its mainstays which drives the company forward and has for long been able to push the company to bring new product improvements in the industry. The reputation of Bluezone has grown over the years within the domestic market as well as in the international arena. 

Its stunning collection of double charged vitrified tiles has the power to captivate one's senses. Their collection features an exhilarating appeal in addition to a refined color palette and captivating patterns. Each tile is manufactured with the best materials utilizing current nano-technology and polished to a gleaming, mirror-like gloss using superior polishing technology. Their double charged floor tiles are highly treated to enhance the mood of any dimension they are placed in. Upgrade your living environment with this ultimate collection of tiles hand-picked for individuals who appreciate luxury.


Bluezone's floor vitrified tile series is the ultimate sign of strength, splendor, and high-quality living. Their skilled staff works hard to produce the highest quality vitrified tiles. Each tile, from digital vitrified tiles to polished vitrified tiles, has a particular charm. The highly glossy sheen on these vitrified tiles creates a mirror-like effect that can make any dimension appear palatial. The ultra-modern, cutting-edge technology that is used to manufacture these tiles ensures the tiles' endurance. Their premium collection of polished vitrified tiles is a stunning combination of technological and creative expertise. 

Vitrified tiles have a very low porosity, making them resistant to water and frost. Tiles with anti-skid coatings are more abrasion resistant and may be put in high-traffic areas. Although the tiles are slightly more expensive than others, their long-term endurance justifies the price. Furthermore, because these tiles have a short setting time, they are ideal for a home improvement job that needs to be completed quickly. Bluezone Vitriffied ensure the quality of their tiles and brings out the most intricate details and characters out of it. The durability, stain resistance, low porosity etc. is so much magnified in their tiles. Zero tolerance for error and flaws has resulted in bringing out the best product in the market.

Vitrified Floor Tiles Dealer in India

As a vitrified floor tiles dealer in India, Bluezone Vitrified has the most ensembled collection of vitrified floor tiles. The vitrified floor tiles price varies according to the size, design, pattern etc., however the onus is on delivering the best product at the most competitive price in the market. The collection of vitrified floor tiles designs is as diverse and distinguished as any major names in the industry, if not more. Their facility and state of the art machineries have contributed to its success and so has the most efficient workforce, including the management. The industry experience makes Bluezone Vitrified stands out as an efficient dealer of vitrified floor tiles. The floor vitrified tiles are treated and manufactured with best qualities and value for the money.

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