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Incorporated in 2015, Bluezone Vitrified Pvt. Ltd. Rise to the Porcelain floor tiles in London UK supplier which manufactures in India is owned solely to a Customer centric application and the ambition to revolutionise the tiles industry altogether. Half a decade and many a technological improvement later, for Bluezone Vitrified the only challenge left was to explore a more global presence; with exports to over 10+ countries across 3 continents it has admirably attained that goal and still craves for more.Certified for National and International quality standards, the meticulous methods to develop our tiles according to latest trends, Bluezone Vitrified has vowed to spread through every corner of the world

Its affinity for always relishing and choosing the best for themselves; our relations with the UK was only a matter of time. And the match has been affirmed by our exports to the largest London city of England and other cities of the UK. The Pioneers of export of Wall and Floor Porcelain Tiles in the UK, we have in our name countless uncomplicated and successful exports to the region

There is Bluezone for wherever you are Gone are the days when Tiles were deliberated for just your Kitchens or Bathrooms, the new age Tiling solutions offer a wide range of tiling solutions perfect for each and every part of any of your structural space be it your home or commerce.

  • Bedrooms–Your personal space deserves a pinch of you, and we deliver it through our collection of Bedroom Tiles.
  • Living Rooms– Your porcelain equivalent of style, status and comfort in our Living Room Tiles collection.
  • Kitchens – Your next contemporary and less hassle Kitchen Tiles makes for a spell bounding experience.
  • Bathrooms – Get inspired by our timeless white Bathroom tile collection to take you into the new decade.
  • Commercial–For you bustling and robust Commercial purpose we offer the perfect tiles solution, which are not just stylish but hard-wearing too.

With its multi applications, tiles, as we know them, have evolved – Our floor tiles now come in diverse designs, arts and textures like Glossy, Rustic, Sugar, Satin Wood & High Glossy. This tile is now printed through digital printing technology. All of this is possible and cost effective because of digital printing platforms which allow a variety of things to be tried and achieved with Wall & Floor Tiles UK collections.

Porcelain floor tiles collection

Limitations of Marble and Stone flooring solutions led to the derivation of Vitrified tile. This is a type of remarkably low porosity ceramic tile which came as a welcome alternative. A moisture resistant purpose of this tile lead to its repeated and encouraging usage outdoors, and eventually explored the designing possibilities of these tiles and made their way into your homes and everywhere.

Matte Porcelain floor Tiles are glazed surfaced tiles created by applying a glaze coating on the top of vitrified tiling. This glossed surface makes it possible to digitally print unique patterns on it. Thus, mimicking all kinds of appearances in multitudes of styles and designs such asStones, Bricks, Wood or even whole landscapes. The design of porcelain wood tiles on the floors increases the overall look of your rooms while offering many advantages like

  • porcelain tiles UK collection are perfectly apt to be used with underfloor heating,
  • Best options for a busy commercial use
  • Best choice for outdoors due to water and frost resistant characteristics
  • Highly durable
  • Higher thickness and density make for a sturdier usage in high footfall spaces

For a more practical purpose and applications suited to almost any space, 3D floor tiles are preferred over other available options in the market. They come in a large variety of styles, colours and textures. Stunning appeal of this tile makes it a perfect choice for any or all tiling purposes. Its advantages are relatively similar to a GVT but also include

  • Stain and Scratch resistance
  • Glossy polished surface provides a first-class appeal

The multipurpose usage and unrivalled design options of tiles makes them the favoured choice amongst Interior Decorators and style and luxury fanatics. The Digital Printing technology has ensured that no design is impossible to create on these tiles. They are pleasing and durable and the shine and gloss of the tiles are retained over the life of the floorings.

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Wood look porcelain Tiles is essentially variations. Where the final resultant is a single layered heavily polished tile, they are created by applying a layer of digitally printed design on tiles.

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