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Home designing trends change very quickly, depending on the ever-growing needs of property owners. Porcelain slabs have come a long way from being the components of kitchen sinks. Nowadays, these slabs have become the key tool that takes the remodeling industry by storm.

Bluezone has become a significant brand in the industry when it comes to 1200 X 1800 tiles, especially when the component is porcelain. The durable porcelain floor tiles and wall tiles are not only helping to create the unique look of the properties but also offer a plethora of benefits. 

Let’s take you on a journey to experience how these tiles can truly add a special essence to the interior or exterior décor. 

Benefits of the tiles

Whether it is a commercial property or residential space, you need to know the advantages of porcelain tiles to invest in flooring or wall cladding. 

1. Porcelain tiles have high resistance to wear and tear. So the longevity of the tiles is much higher than the ceramic ones. The reason for the durability is the presence of fewer air pockets, higher density, and thicker status. 

2. Low maintenance needs make it ideal for spaces where you expect higher footfall or when you have children and pets at your home. 

3. Water resistance is a critical factor that adds to the advantages. Even the porcelain wood tile will be resistant to water with an anti-skid surface although it sports the look of natural wooden flooring. 

4. These tiles are ideal for high-traffic environments. The high moisture resistance, and resistance to factors like scratches, wear and tear, or dust particles show why it is ideal for commercial spaces too.

Choose the tiles according to your natural requirements. 

Variety of tiles available in 1200 x 1800 porcelain slabs

One of the foremost reasons for the unanimous popularity of porcelain tiles is the variety of products that are available from the manufacturers. Usually, there are a few common categories of porcelain tiles. 

  • Unglazed or matt porcelain tiles

The unglazed porcelain tiles arise from the natural form of the tiles after baking and firing in the kiln. As it already undergoes firing, there is no further need to treat these tiles. 

  • Glazed porcelain tiles

On firing, the porcelain floor tiles that come out of the kiln can undergo further treatment with the application of the glazed finish. As a result, it becomes impervious and stronger. 

  • Polished porcelain tiles

Manufacturers polish the tiles after they undergo baking and come out of the kiln. You should not confuse polished porcelain tiles with glazed vitrified ones as the process of manufacturing differs considerably. 

  • Double-charged porcelain tiles

These are available in polished, semi-polished, matt finish, and glazed forms. The process of manufacturing comprises the fusion of two different varieties of clay that forms a unique design of the tiles. 

  • Full-body porcelain tiles

These tiles have texture and color all over the tiles. If there are even scratches on the tiles, the scratches won't be visible owing to the texture. You can convert these tiles into polished form, glazed, or matte form. 

  • Stone finish or textured tiles

These tiles will have a maximum texture that imitates that of the stone finish tiles. You can use these mainly for cladding purposes. 

Finishes available in 1200 x 1800 porcelain slabs

 Visit Bluezone and you will realize the plethora of varieties that are available at the company when it comes to the finishing of the tiles. Finishes are the different effects present on the surface of the tiles that can dramatically enhance their appearance. 

Here, we are discussing some of the best-selling finishings available at our store for porcelain floor tiles.

  •    High glossy

Shiny flooring is the favorite of maximum homeowners. And that is the focal point of the high gloss tiles available at Bluezone. but the shine does not bring along any slippery surface. So, you can now rely on the quality and texture of the tiles. 

  •    Glossy

This finishing is not the same as the polished finish. We create the glossy glaze through the polishing wheel procedure. Depending on the texture of the tile, these tiles can pool in areas, impart a thicker and thinner appearance with areas of glaze. The variations in coloring are considerable. 

  •     Matt

The matt finish of the porcelain patio tiles is owing to the non-shiny glaze that we apply via the inkjet machine or by applying the waterfall stream glazing method. The process yields tiles with a flat finish which won’t reflect light and also offer a contemporary look to the space. 

  •    Carving

If you want to impart the appearance of depth in the flooring of the room, you have to select the carving finish of the porcelain tiles. It will always add a shining effect with an outstanding appearance, even for the porcelain patio tiles.

  •    Wooden

You will be impressed to see the appearance of the wood look tiles that resemble the look of natural wood. But the best part is, that it does not have the disadvantages of natural wooden flooring as the surface is resistant to water damage. 

  •    Rustic

Do you love the classic appearance of the indoor space instead of the regular or modern style? Then you should settle for the 1200 X 1800 tiles that offer a rustic appearance owing to the surface treatment. 

Our best-selling 1200 x 1800 porcelain slabs

Although we have a huge range of products for the 1200 X 1800 tiles, we must say that some of them are the bestsellers of the company. 

  • Armani Beige

this is the sensational product of the company. These tiles have a nominal thickness of 9mm and you can find 2 tiles in one box. It implies that the tiles in one box can cover at least 2.88sq. m of floor space. It is in the Glossy series of products. Each box weighs about 61 kg. You can find three variations in the color tones of Armani Beige.

  • Black Florence
    Black Florence

This is a premium collection from the high glossy series of our outdoor porcelain tiles that look equally attractive indoors. The nominal thickness is again 9mm and the coverage area is the same as above. We maintain the weight of the individual boxes at 61 kg. You will get three options of designs for these tiles. 

  • Dolomite Sepia
    Dolomite Sepia

looking for some interesting option in the matte version of these tiles? Welcome home one of the three shades of Dolomite Sepia that we have in our collection. The weight, coverage area and thickness are the same as the above two models. 

  • Jerico Marfil Crema
    Jerico Marfil Crema

This is the bestseller from our Carving series. Just take a look at the three variations of the colour tones that will add a glamorous look to the space. Whether it is for interior décor or exterior, you need the right porcelain tiles.  

  • Alonzo River Tapestry
    Alonzo River Tapestry

This is another bestselling product from the company when it comes to the glossy finish. This is the best option for the spaces where there are chances of more footfall. The scratches or signs of wear and tear won't show up even after many years of use. 

We are also ahead in manufacturing different sizes of porcelain slabs!

From the above discussion, you may start thinking that we are only mastering the creation of only tiles of a specific dimension. But the company is also manufacturing tiles of other dimensions that are also equally popular with the customers. 

  •  800 x 1600

This dimension is ideal if you are planning to install tiles on the walls. For instance, The Addison Brown series is again a bestseller, that comes with a glossy finish. The two pieces of tiles coming in the box can cover up to 2.56 sq. m of wall or floor space. The thickness is 9mm and there are four options available for the different tones and hues. 

The other products include Adison Choco, Adison Clay, Adison Concrete, and more. The series of Adison Concrete, Adison Clay, and much more sport the carving finishing that is noteworthy. 

  • 1200 x 1200 

Whether it is the Ammonite Bianco series from the matt finished products or the Antique Statuario series of the glossy finish, each of these porcelain floor tiles is unique and adds a special elegance to the interior or exterior design. Add the tiles to your house to make it a class apart. 

What makes us stand out from the crowd?

Although there are many manufacturers of tiles in the country, Bluezone is always a class apart. It is because:

  • We are always innovative in the designs and hues of the tiles. 
  • Our products are of premium quality. 
  • We maintain a huge inventory to cater to the high demands.
  • Deliveries are always on time.
  • Offer a wide range of styles
  • Each product is available in different shades, finishes, and textures. 

Therefore, if you want to deck up the house with some innovative flooring or wall cladding, bring home the porcelain tiles from Bluezone. 


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