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Bluezone Vitrified with an international product we have exported across 10+ countries. Our company has the motive to explore many more regions to spread our international market in the tiles industry, With the unique designs blend with technology and the latest trends set the different benchmark for exports of our products. Bluezone has the potential to deliver its best product in the international market to spread their wings there and explore the market. we export Porcelain floor tiles in UK

Tiles Export Packing Details

GVT / PGVT Tiles

Sr.No Tile Size Coverage/box (sqm) Pieces/Box Boxes/Pallet Pallet/Container Boxes/Container Sqm/Container Weight/Box
1 600 x 600 mm 1.44 4 Pcs. 40 25 1000 1440 28 Kgs
2 600 x 1200 mm 1.44 2 Pcs. 64 Box / 10 Pallet 32 Box / 7 Pallet 17 864​ 1244.16 32 Kgs