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2x4 digital vitrified tiles

Digital Vitrified tiles flooring are new-age floor covering alternative that is widely popular to decorate any and all spaces. The digital vitrified tiles collection is stunning. These tiles come in a variety of dimensions and various kinds of finishes to choose from, including rustic, glossy, matt, and metallic. Bluezone Vitrified tiles are designed to meet all of your requirements. This tile collection is corrosion and stain-resistant. 

Our 2x4 digital vitrified tiles production processes assure that our high-quality tiles are manufactured in accordance with the most recent innovations, exceeding consumer requirements. Our one-of-a-kind bathroom and kitchen tiles are designed to meet the creative needs of developers and architectural planners. Discover our magnificent selection right now!

Bluezone Vitrified Pvt. Ltd. has been a pioneer digital Vitrified tiles manufacturer in India for introducing benchmark standards and cutting-edge technology for the production of 2x4 tiles, large format porcelain panels, large slab porcelain tile, etc.

Why Digital Vitrified Tiles are the Best Choice for Indian Homes?

Indian homes have evolved over the year, with more and more people being able to afford décor solutions, many more possibilities have in turn enticed them. Digital vitrified tiles are one of the finest choices today for Indian homes. Our extreme engineering and innovations make our digital vitrified tiles unique and perfect for Indian conditions and showcase the following aspects:

Withstands extreme weather conditions

Our exclusive digital vitrified tiles are equated with elegance. The digital vitrified tiles, handcrafted with care, have exceptional visual appeal and superior durability. The exclusive Nano Polish, combined with specific enamels, keeps them stain and scuff-resistant, and abrasion-resistant. 

These tiles have high tensile strength and are hence long-lasting and are particularly engineered to withstand all kinds of weather conditions and hence an ideal addition for exteriors. In India where a wide range of weather from North to South and East to West prevails our digital vitrified tiles are perfect for all throughout the country.

Ideal for high-traffic areas

These tiles are ideal for both interior and exterior usage. Inside, they may be utilized as tiling solutions in kitchens and bathrooms; outdoors, these are ideal for high-traffic locations. The sturdy composition makes our 2x4 tiles a sensible solution if you are looking for long-lasting flooring.

Available in a variety of sizes
Every product in our assortment, featured in exotic textures and distinctive styles, is guaranteed to bring global style to your flooring and walls. Apart from the design variants, we offer our tiles in a variety of sizes including our very popular 2 x4 ft digital Vitrified tiles.

The Benefits of Digital Vitrified Tiles.

At Bluezone Vitrified, our 2by4 digital Vitrified tiles are created with the latest and most state-of-the-art digital printing technology. On the face of the tiles, the digital imaging surface would be less of about 1 mm thick. Digital vitrified tiles are in-demand right now because they come in a variety of graphics and textures. Along with this, our tiles have the following benefits:

Durability and Scratch Resistance

Because of our production process which ensures proper inspection and testing of the quality of our 2x4 digital vitrified tiles, the tiles are as sturdy as it gets in the current market. The durability of our vitrified tiles ensures that they will continue to contribute to your home’s overall impression for a long period of time.
The scratch-resistant coating ensures that the tiles are consistently appealing for the length of their lifetime.

Low Maintenance and Easy to Clean

Cleaning and maintaining digital vitrified tiles is simple. These tiles endure better and look more pleasing to the eye after going under the vitrification treatment. Our tiles are manufactured in such a way that it is easier to care for them. A simple regular cleaning routine is sufficient for them to retain their visual worth.

 Aesthetically Pleasing with a Wide Range of Colors and Designs

An additional benefit of 2by4 digital vitrified tiles is that they provide clients with a diverse choice of options. There are several textures offered in our collection, including Matt Finish, Glossy Finish, Rustic and Wooden designs. These are created by applying high-resolution digital printing to standard vitrified tiles and hence are offered in more colors and designs; the possibilities are endless.


How to Choose the Right Digital Vitrified tile Manufacturer in India?

Choosing the correct tile for interior or exterior flooring could be a tedious affair. Simply visiting any tile maker, can give you hundreds of options that are guaranteed to confuse you. As a result, when you choose the correct tile, you must first choose the ideal tile manufacturer.
Below are a few pointers that might help you to choose the right Digital vitrified tile manufacturer in India.

Look for a supplier with a good reputation

A good reputation is earned, and not every company out their ay have it. Analyze their overall length of experience in the market or sector. This can assist you in identifying the leading tile producers and suppliers. It will provide a list of companies that not only manufacture tiles but also create these with optimum durability and impeccable workmanship.

Make sure the supplier has a wide range of products

When looking for a supplier you must always consider a brand like Bluezone Vitrified Pvt. Ltd. which has a wide selection of tiles on offer. The digital vitrified tiles are easy to find but it’s not necessary that all the brands out there may have explored all the possibilities of this beautiful flooring alternative. Also, with the limited option, you may have to adjust to something that you wouldn’t particularly prefer for your space.

Check for competitive prices

Digital Vitrified tiles tend to be a little more expensive than ceramic tiles, however, given the plethora of advantages and properties of the tile, they are very much cost-effective. That being said, you may want to look for the best possible rates in the market. Bluezone Vitrified has been a brand that has established itself for the highest quality in the most affordable range.


What do we sell other than Digital Vitrified Tiles?

Along with the most extensive 2x4 digital vitrified tiles collection, Bluezone also offers a wide range of flooring and wall cladding solutions


Digital Wall Tiles

Large Format Slab Tiles (Porcelain)

Buy our Digital Vitrified Tiles with the Best Quality

Our digital vitrified tiles are a popular alternative amongst interior designers and aesthetic and quality enthusiasts due to their versatility and unequaled creative choices. Digital printing technology has made it feasible to make any design on these tiles. They are appealing and long-lasting, with the sheen and polish of the tiles remaining throughout the lifetime of the surface.
The manufacturing process, the raw materials acquisitions, the printing techniques – each aspect contributing to the creation of the finest digital vitrified tiles are consistent with our quality standards. Our tiles selections are not just among the most stunning product solutions but are also the sturdiest, most resilient, and long-lasting alternatives in the market.


What makes us the Best Manufacturer of Digital Vitrified tiles 2x4?

Bluezone Vitrified Private Limited Ltd.'s ascendance to the pinnacle of India's Tiles market is exclusively due to an approach that is centred on customers and customers only, with the aim of reforming the whole Tiles sector. Tiles, as we understand them, have developed due to their multi-applications - our tiles presently are available in a variety of styles, artworks, and surfaces, putting us among the greatest producers with regard to sheer diversity and alternatives. Digital printing techniques are currently used to produce these tiles. 
We have earned the reputation of having become one of the most trusted brands in the Indian tile manufacturing and distribution network. Our team's ability to combine elegance, inventiveness, and ingenuity allows us to constantly leave a remarkable impression in just about any space setting.
End-to-end customer support, numerous assurance checks at each phase of packing, shipment, and compliance to all global norms and regulations ensure that our exporting solutions are convenient and efficient for our customers around the world.
We have maintained a reputable standing all throughout our journey, with the association of items evaluated for excellence for domestic ISO Certifications, identifying us as a premier 2x4 Digital Vitrified Tiles Manufacturer, or the Global Standards CE credentials that enable us to serve a larger client base.

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