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This might be the very first time when you are planning to enhance the look of your wall without using paint for a change. Thanks to 300 x 450 mm wall tiles from our side at Bluezone, you will receive some of the premium quality wall tiles all across India.

We have been associated with the manufacturing section of wall tiles for a long time and have gained quite some promising results from our clients. Our clients are super happy with the quality of our items and you might get the same from our store. 

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300 x 450 mm wall tiles are the best tile size for your wall!

There are different sizes of wall tiles you can expect to get from our manufacturer of wall tiles. Each one has its own collection of features and specifications. But, some of you might get confused with the right tile size to cover your wall. No matter how vast of an area you want us to cover; we believe that 300 x 450 mm wall tiles are the best size ever, to fit on your wall!

  • It helps in keeping a balance between the designs of these tiles to give that free-flowing look.
  • Moreover, this particular size is easy to handle and will offer a flawless result in the end.
  • Make sure to always rely on a reputed installer if you want to place the till walls in their accurate positions now.

Our 30 x 45 cm wall tiles are available in so many designs and structures. So, depending on the kind of look you want your house to portray, you can pick and choose among all the options. Based on your design, the price range is subject to vary too, but will remain within your pre-set budget plans once you have selected us at Bluezone for the same!


Glossy finish in 300 x 450 mm wall tiles:

Do you want to enhance the look of the wall tiles? If the answer is yes, then going for the glossy finish is the perfect example while looking for the much awaited premium quality wall tiles from our side at Bluezone. 

  • The glossy finish of the wall tiles will come with a gorgeous mirror like shine.
  • This is a noteworthy reflective surface, which results in light bouncing all around the space.
  • It will make the room look a lot bigger and brighter.
  • So, our glossy wall tiles are perfect if you have a smaller room and want it to give an illusion of bigger space.
  • The glossy wall tiles will be an ideal choice for those rooms that receive little to no natural light. 
  • Even artificial lights from the bulbs and tube lights will reflect on the wall tiles and add more brightness to an otherwise dull or dark room!

We want you to check out all the possible options we have under glossy wall tiles and then make a choice regarding which one to choose. It is important to check out the varied options we have, along with their different price points. Not everyone is able to invest a lot of money on the wall tiles. But, thanks to our Bluezone team, even with a tight budget plan, you can still move on with the best choices to make over here.

Best Seller of 300 x 450 mm wall tiles at Bluezone Vitrified:

Bluezone is targeted to be one of the best sellers in terms of 300 x 450 mm wall tiles. We have so many options for you to choose from and have listed below are top 4 to give out a try. Depending on your preferences and price point, you get to make a final decision over here.

  • 10001_DK:


Known as one of the leading ceramic wall tiles, this product is available under the Glossy series. The nominal thickness is at 8 mm and there are in total of 6 pieces available in one box.

  • 10001_HL:


If you are looking for the best version of wall tiles with a finest mixture of lighter and darker shades, then 10001_HL from Bluezone is the best option to get your hands on.

  • 10001_HL_1:


Another one within the Glossy series section from our side, this product is known for having some floral designs on them. The lovely bigger rose designs on top of a white base are a good call for adding a bit of flair to the rooms.

  • 10003 DK:

    10003 DK

If you are making plans to cover a larger stretch of area, then 10003 DK is one of the leading choices of 12 x 18 inch wall tiles that we would like you to invest some bucks in. If you want, you can choose from the designer wall tiles, to add a level of symmetry to the whole look.

These are few of the many options we have in store for you. Visit our gallery section to see each of these tiles in details before making a purchase.

Advantages of the small size of tiles for your wall:

If you are planning to carry tiles towards your place for placing them on the walls, going for the smaller sized ones will always be a good call to address. Always remember that smaller size tiles will add a new level of intricacy, which is hard to purchase from the bigger versions over here.

  • Not just easy to carry and transport, but small tiles result in smaller losses in materials.
  • There are different colors and patterns that you can choose from freely.

Why should you choose Bluezone?

Our team from Bluezone has worked hard to maintain a strong focus to deliver top-notch quality wall tiles to all clients, around the nation. In order to compliment the wide range of quality ceramic and tiles products we have, we hired the best manufacturing team to help us out in our venture.

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