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Beneficial Aspects Of Matt Carving Tiles In India

matt craving tiles

Searching the vast world of the internet will let you come across multiple versions of 600x1200 matt carving tiles to follow. We from BLUEZONE are more than happy to provide some of the premium quality matte carving tiles, straight from top-notch manufacturers in India. Choosing the best one is always your finest choice. But, before you do that, it is important to check out the pros and cons revolving around matte carving tiles. You should know if you are making the right choice around here by investing in matte tiles or not.


Know what matte tiles are:

Before you proceed further and understand more about matt carving tiles manufacturers in India, it is vital to learn what matte tiles actually stand for.

  • In these tiles, a special layer is added right on the top to give that extremely subtle look.
  • These matte tiles are known mainly for their non-slippery and non-shiny characteristics, which will be a perfect fit for spaces like bedrooms, living rooms, offices, and kitchen and bathroom floors.
  • These tiles are known to add elegance in an effortless manner along with sophistication to any space, whether the walls or the floors.
  • Previously, matte tiles were used as bathroom flooring tiles because of their anti-slippery feature. Nowadays, these tiles can be easily combined with glossy ones, thanks to some technological advancement.
  • There are some innovative designs and textures associated with the 600x1200 matt carving tiles now. These changes in design are making the tiles a trendy option for all floor spaces not just home, but commercial environments as well.
  • Based on the choice and the mood board, you can easily fit the matte tiles when you want and where you can use their properties the most. 


Dealing with the advantages:

matt craving tiles

It is important to get your hands on the best matt carving tiles manufacturer in India because a lot of your money is at stake. Well, once you have chosen BLUEZONE as your best choice, there is no looking back for a second helping hand anymore. We are more than happy to offer only the best matte tiles, with high-end properties, that match your needs.
But, before you do invest in our 600x1200 matt carving tiles, we would like to talk about some of the advantages that are solely associated with matte tiles. Make sure to learn the points from the get-go before jumping straight into making a decision.


Noted to be low in maintenance:

When compared to the glossy counterparts, the ones from matt carving tiles manufacturers in India are lower in the maintenance field. Whether ceramic or vitrified, tiles are always targeted to be easier to clean and maintain over natural stones like granite or marble.

  • Matte finish tiles will need low to no maintenance.
  • You can wash or mop the tiles as per your needs.
  • Matte tiles are an amazing choice for places like lobbies, kitchens, living rooms, and even commercial spaces like pubs, restaurants, and more.


Available in both vitrified and ceramic bodies:

Well, now you get the chance to purchase 600x1200 matt carving tiles in both vitrified and ceramic bodies over here. To match your budget and your preferences, matte finish tiles are now available in both of these options.

  • So, now you have multiple tile designs to choose from.
  • Moreover, with different options, you get to decide which one is better for your wall and floor as per your need.
  • If you are looking for matte finish kitchen walls for example, then choose from ceramic wall tiles in matte finish. These tiles are well clubbed with some other matte finish tiles like the highlighter tiles. 
  • There are wide ranges of matte finish tiles under vitrified versions. These tiles are perfect for adorning the looks of your walls and floors in multiple designs like stone, marble, and wood.

Moreover, these matte tiles from our matt carving tiles manufacturer in India at BLUEZONE are perfect for covering some of the outdoor spaces as well. Some of the finest examples are balconies, garden walkways, parking lots, terraces, and more. 


Aiming to provide a natural and rustic look:

Much like the shelf life and durability, these matte tiles are able to provide that natural rustic look you have been looking for. Get the same design and value straight from the 600x1200 matt carving tiles over here from our side at BLUEZONE. 

  • If you want your tiles to have a look and feel to them, then the matte tiles are always going to be your perfect fit here.
  • In order to provide you with that old colonial charm and elegant Scandinavian look, the matte finish tiles are always the first and preferred choice for you to handle.


Always targeted to be non-slippery in nature:

This might be the most important characteristic, which forces people to head towards matt carving tiles manufacturers in India like us at BLUEZONE and get the best matte tiles possible. 

  • Matte tiles are non-slippery, which gives them an edge over glossy tiles.
  • This special quality makes the matte tiles a great option for bathrooms and all wet areas.
  • If you have hyperactive kids or pets at home, then the matte floor tiles will be the safest option to go for.
  • Even if you have senior citizens around and don’t want them to slip and fall, make sure to use non-slippery matte tiles to cover the spaces.
  • However, make sure that the wet is not that wet while using matte tiles. That might hamper the slip resistance to some extent.
  • Also, remember that wet surfaces can be a targeted breeding ground for algae and moss formation. These will make the floor all the more slippery. So, make sure to wipe down the floors regularly.


Always choose the matte tiles:

The next time you are looking for non-slippery tiles, which will keep accidents at bay, make sure to focus on matte tiles for the same. You will be amazed at the results that keep coming towards your side now. There are vitrified versions available too if you want to style up your space a tad bit more. 



1. Do you think matte finish tiles are good?

Well, the matte-finished tiles are perfect for covering up any blemishes or imperfections like fingerprints and some small nicks. Moreover, they can make the surrounding areas non-slippery, which is great to prevent accidents.

2. What is the disadvantage available?

The only disadvantage with matte finished tiles is that they are not highly preferred for darker rooms. It is because the tiles are not reflective enough. It is important to work on reflective surfaces in darker areas like basements and more.

3. Which one are better glossy or matte tiles?

Well, each one has its own set of pros and cons, and selecting the tiles relies a lot on personal preferences. Matte finish tiles, however, offer the best friction than glossy ones, which will make them the best option for wet areas.

The next time you are aiming for top-notch quality anti-slippery mate carving tiles, our team from BLUEZONE is here to the rescue. Give the team a call at +91 99786 00512 now!


Article Last Updated: 10 March 2023

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