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Tiles are a preferred flooring choice due to their high resilience to wear and tear and their ability to stand apart with a stunning aesthetic. The issue is that regular footfall, dirt, staining, and filth can cause tiles to lose their gloss. If ignored, all tile floors could become dirty and boring. While many homeowners use wax to polish flooring, there are alternative techniques to polish flooring that do not require the use of wax. 

Though wax may be used to refinish tile floors and grout, it deteriorates irregularly with age, giving an even worse appearance. The following products which are available in your very homes can help a long way in achieving a glossy sheen for your tiles.

1. Baking Powder

When the tiles' surfaces are dirty or stained, baking soda can remove problematic tiles and grout defects. Imagine it is a natural tile polish that can revive your floors. To produce a putty, combine equal quantities of baking soda and warm water. Using a soft bristle brush coated in baking soda, clean the caulking and tile.

Allow the baking soda to settle for 10 minutes and then wash the tiles with lukewarm water. Repeat the method upon that tile floor to remove any obvious flaws.

 2. Vinegar

Vinegar has several cleansing qualities. Acetic acid, the primary component of vinegar tile cleanser, can eliminate soap scum, oil, filth, dirt, and minerals deposits, making the tiles considerably brighter and shinier as a result.

Combine 1 cup of vinegar tile cleaning liquid and 4 liters of warm water. Using a hot vinegar and water mixture, wipe the dirty tiles. After mopping the whole tile floor with the mixture, re-mob the floor completely with fresh, warm water.

 3. Soap Solution

Soapy water is an excellent tile cleaning solution. 1–2 teaspoons dish soap in 4 liters of water Wipe the floor with a soapy solution and carefully clean the grouting and stained areas with a gentle cloth or brushes. Allow the area to dry to get rid of any dampness.

Maintaining sturdy floor and ceramic tiles with soapy water is highly efficient. Durable flooring kinds include those constructed of any material be it a porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles, or vitrified tiles.

 4. Ammonia

Ammonia is among the most powerful tiles treatment solutions for removing imperfections and restoring the gloss to tile flooring. Mix tiny drops of ammonia and warm water in a bucket and properly mix.

After that, soak the sponge in the cleaning solution and thoroughly rinse it off to avoid over-application of the cleaning solution. Mop the floor thoroughly to remove spots and filth even while sterilizing it.

 5. Commercial Gloss Sealers

A high gloss tile sealant is yet another approach to making tile floors sparkle instead of waxing. High gloss tile sealants are made out of a water-based polymeric combination. After cleaning your tiles with the home remedies mentioned above, you may use a high gloss tile sealant to provide the tiles with a glossy finish without using wax. 

These sealants not only give your tiles a high-gloss sheen, but they also make them stain-resistant and improve moisture vapor transfer. You must select the products that are suitable for the type of floor tiles.


Tile flooring is one of the more elegant flooring alternatives that are probably the most preferred floor covering option in the modern world. Tiles are available in a variety of hues that complement almost any trendy interior. A shine-less tile lacks personality and makes the room appear lifeless. You may spruce up existing tiles and get them to seem sparkling and fresh by using the natural products you have in your house.

Bluezone Vitrified has been at the forefront of the finest tiles manufacturing in the country, with the greatest of finishes and patterns their tiles are known to retain their gloss for a very long time.

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