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The most excellent approach to getting ready for a new year in 2023 is with a fresh look and feel for your house! The focus of 2023 tiles trends is on creating a statement. The tile capabilities are being pushed by designers, who can create everything from evocative geometric patterns to murals. 

Fiery reds, earth tones, and deep jewel tones lead the way in the return of color. The texture is also gaining significance as tactile surfaces give any environment depth and dimension. Whether you're looking to make a statement or add a touch of luxury to your home, these tile and interior design ideas will invigorate.


High Gloss

Due to their inherent ability to reflect light, high gloss tiles are a fantastic way to make a room feel lighter. According to Barnard, many homes choose high-shine finishes to help produce cozy, glowing effects in bathrooms and kitchens. According to Barnard, "metal tones or metal highlights in tile can also reflect light creating a decorative shimmer that can seem special and beautiful in the home area."

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Mosaics and Decorative Patterns

Bold hues and patterns are already popular in interior design, and according to Barnard, this trend will soon extend to tile work. “ A wall can become an artistic creation when decorated with tile. More neutral hues can prevent the tile from getting cluttered or overwhelming, whereas patterned tile can become a central point visually, according to the expert. 

If you want to dedicate only part of the wall, pick a small accent wall to display a colorful print or mosaic and fill the remaining area with a plain tile in a similar color or form.


Natural Stone

natural stone

The previous few years have seen a significant increase in biophilic design, and this trend is not expected to be around for a while. According to specialists who study tile trends, homeowners prefer natural stone tiles manufactured from materials like marble, granite, travertine, slate, and limestone. These vitrified tiles are classy and classic and hardy and straightforward to maintain.


Textured Tile 

Tactile tile, a textural and tri-tile term, is also anticipated to become popular in 2023. According to Barnard, "textured, decorative tile can produce a sculptural impact for visually appealing walls. It's a simple approach if you prefer to use only a few colors or patterns to give a room some visual depth and intrigue. 

Additionally, there are a variety of textures to pick from. In addition to the previously stated organic and "completely imperfect" handcrafted tiles, geometric and metallic patterns are also fashionable.

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Statement Backsplashes 

Statement Backsplashes 

Statement backsplashes will be a significant trend in 2023. While cabinets and countertops have typically been the focal points of kitchen designs, we may expect to see more and more kitchens focused on the backsplash statement. The showpiece items for kitchen backsplashes are getting dramatic. It's time for the antithesis of subway tile to shine. Watch out for stones from the Antolini stone house like Breche Fantastique, advises Moore.


Unique Shapes

Unique Shapes

Tiles in unusual shapes will be popular in 2023, according to interior designer Katie Simpson of Mackenzie Collier Interiors, as homeowners continue to favor bold design choices. "We find more customers gravitating toward unusual forms rather than choosing a traditional rectangle tile,"


Warm deep colors

Warm deep colors

One thing is constant in home decor trends: color is continuously returning. And 2023 appears to be a year of vibrant, warm colors. The moderate tones that have ruled interior design for the past few years are replaced with a richer palette of deep reds, yellows, and blues.

This bold interpretation of classic primary hues is ideal for giving any space a dash of refinement. These warm tones will make your home stand out, whether you want to create a focal point with your walls or add a burst of color to your furniture. So in 2023, bid neutrals adieu and welcome vibrant, striking colors!

This style can be readily incorporated into any place, making it ideal for people who want to make a statement with their decor. To make a stunning impact throughout your house, combine rich color with lovely shine, like these glazed vitrified tiles.


Terracotta Tones

terracotta tones

Terracotta tones will be popular in 2023 home decor ideas. The name of this warm shade, which means "baked earth" in Italian, gives the matte orange fabric a rich appearance.

Terracotta has recently gained popularity as a material for interior design because of how warm and inviting it feels. A common approach to incorporating the theme into your home is with terracotta tiles. They can be used as accents in other rooms, walls, floors, or both. New interpretations of the terracotta theme will include modernizing the finish to give it a shiny appearance. 

This will offer a traditional material in your house a contemporary makeover. Whether you utilize terracotta tiles or another item with a terracotta-inspired home design, this trend will give your area warmth and individuality.


Large-scale terrazzo

Large-scale terrazzo

Concrete that has marble or other stone fragments in it is called terrazzo. It gained popularity as a vintage substitute for conventional tile walls and floors in the 1970s. Terrazzo is going through a revival due to its durability and minimal maintenance requirements. 

Since terrazzo tiles are available in various finishes and colors, they are versatile for commercial and residential use. Terrazzo might be your best bet if you're looking for a beautiful flooring material that will stand the test of time.


Unique Wood-look Tiles

Unique Wood-look Tiles

It's understandable why wood-look tiles are a popular option for floors and walls. They give off wood's cozy, natural appearance without maintenance or wear and tear.  And thanks to modern technology, wood-like tiles may be produced from various materials, such as glass, porcelain, and even marble.

Try chevron-patterned wood-look plank flooring and walls for a genuinely distinctive appearance. This strongly resurgent style from the 1970s will undoubtedly give any room charm. Wood-look tiles are a fantastic choice that will last the test of time, whether for a traditional or modern appearance.

With our vitrified tiles, sturdy enough for chevron floors but lightweight enough to add a contemporary paneled wall design, you can make these popular chevron wall patterns much more quickly and easily at home!

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