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Vitrified tiles are aesthetically pleasing, durable, and perhaps the most convenient tiles when it comes to upkeep. In actuality, these days they are easily the most desired tiling solutions in the market. Be it for domestic or commercial purposes, vitrified tiles have truly taken over. 

However, despite its longevity and adaptability, installing vitrified tile is a laborious procedure that requires a great deal of care and preparation. This post intends to educate you on how to install vitrified tiles in the most efficient manner.

Guide to Install Vitrified Tiles

Steps to install vitrified tiles include the following:

1. Preparing the Subfloor Surface

One of the really crucial steps in installing vitrified tiles is to properly evaluate the substrate on which the vitrified tile will be placed. Note that regardless of how robust and resilient vitrified tiles are, an uneven or thin flooring may result in its doom. Always check for the flexibility and stability of the substrate before moving forward.

A concrete base is ideal for vitrified tile installation, although wood can also be utilized as long as it is sturdy. After evaluating the strength of the flooring, you must ensure that the surface is clear and consistent. Trying to cover a protrusion with floor tile will result in a sluggish result that will not last.

2. Determining the Number of Tiles

The next phase in the vitrified tile initial installation is to determine how many vitrified tiles you will need and where they'll be positioned. You would like the final result to be faultless and uniform, so find the center of the room where the tiles will be laid.

Calculate the space from the sides after establishing the starting point. Find the most visible wall and use it as the focal point. This will ultimately make your job seem uniform and symmetrical. Determining square footage will supply you with the precise number of vitrified tiles needed for the task. 

3. Finalizing the Layout Plan

None of the ways to install vitrified tiles would be successful if you were to ignore finalizing the layout and randomly went about the installation. Choosing the general plan of the installation is one of the processes in installing ceramic tiles. 

Begin placing the vitrified tiles with adhesive and dry-fit them throughout the space to determine if the design is level, or make any necessary adjustments. Check that the spacing between tiles is constant. Prevent squeezing tiles together only to make the grout lines narrower. 

If you currently have bigger vitrified tiles, the spacing between them must be significant. Otherwise, the grout will not bond properly and would likely flake off soon, perhaps leading to fractures and dampness concerns.

Outline the contour of the outer borders of the tiles once you've settled on a layout so you know just where to position the cladding strips. This step also helps in setting aside tiles that you may need to cut.

4. Putting Mortar on Floor

Blend the thin-set and adhesive until it reaches the consistency of a gravy. Wait ten to fifteen minutes for it to set before laying it on the floor. Using a trowel, spread a small amount of thin-set. Maintain a 45-degree slant to evenly distribute the mortar and prevent any irregularities, or pockets.

5. Install the Tiles

Lay the vitrified tile on top of the thin-set gently. To firmly set the tiles, push down with your fingertips. Slowly twist your wrist to spread the adhesive evenly throughout the tile's surface.

Begin from the middle of the room and extend on till you reach the walls. To avoid lippage, use stable fingertips and push only when necessary.

6. Finish with Grouting

Once the thin-set has cured, you may start preparing and applying the grout mix. Stir the grout mixture until it forms a homogeneous yet firm consistency. Spread the grout evenly and use a dull object to push it between the tile gaps.

We hope the above step-by-step guide to installing vitrified tiles is helpful for you. Remember if you have any concerns and doubts regarding the installation, we at Bluezone not only deliver the finest quality but also can help you through ways to install vitrified tiles that are most efficient.

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