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It is not a surprise that Porcelain ties have earned a reputation of being the most aesthetic-looking tiling solution. The past two decades have witnessed a steep rise in the popularity of the tile, and most of it is due to the innovations and development of technology to bring the best out of these tiles. Porcelain tile is a gorgeous and incredibly durable flooring option that will keep its gleaming sheen for years if cleaned properly and on a regular basis. Porcelain is a very long-lasting flooring material that doesn't require any care or upkeep to keep it appearing slick and new even after decades of use. 

These hard-baked ceramic tiles are frequently coupled with a glazed glass protective layer that renders them immune to stains, water damage, and most scratching physical impact. However, there are methods to pay special attention to Porcelain floor tile cleaning, to specific areas of the installation in order to obtain the best results. Because polished porcelain tile and unglazed porcelain tile have different requirements, you'll need to know what works best for each.

Porcelain tile is a gorgeous and incredibly durable flooring option that will keep its gleaming sheen for years if cleaned properly and on a regular basis. Although porcelain tile loses lustre over time, anybody can learn how to clean it and restore its natural sparkle. In this blog, we have tried to resolve this and give definite answers to related questions such as, how to clean porcelain tile floors, or can you use bleach on porcelain tiles etc.


Best way to clean porcelain tile floors?

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Best way to clean porcelain tile floors is to first, understand the difference between the two types of tiles and then apply precise cleaning methods to each.

For Unglazed Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain is a robust yet porous material that can stain and tarnish over time in its raw produced condition. These materials must be handled with care, spills must be monitored, and a sealing treatment must be applied once a year. Grout lines are typically the weakest parts in the installation. You may clean them with a little brush and a mixture of water and baking soda. To keep the surface pores impermeable, apply an acrylic stone sealer to a clean, dry, unglazed floor. To damp mop, use ordinary warm water or combine a gallon of warm water with a few drops of basic dish soap. After mopping, dry the tiles with a clean cloth or sponge.

For Glazed Porcelain Tiles

The thin polished protective coating is entirely immune to water penetration and most stains. These applications require minimal upkeep and no yearly sealing treatments, making them considerably easier to maintain. Sweep or clean your floors on a regular basis to eliminate dirt that might harm the glazing. To properly renew glazed ceramic floors, most mopping or cleaning processes, both natural and chemical, may be utilised. Clean up stains as quickly as possible, then swipe away any leftovers. While these tiles are stain-resistant, if mistakes are left to stay for an extended amount of time, they may get slightly faded. 

Above simple methods are specific to the polished and unglazed porcelain tiles, apart from these there are common cleaning solutions for better maintenance of your Porcelain tiles.


Most Common Porcelain Floor Tiles Cleaning Method

The most common and effect porcelain floor tiles cleaning method is only few simple steps, but ensures deep cleaning of the surface, be it glazed or unglazed.

Step.1: Use Dry Mops Frequently

Use dry mops or vacuum cleaning thoroughly as often as you can, if not daily. This will ensure that there isn’t accumulation of dirt on the surface. Only try and use soft mops or sponge, as using brushes or harsh material may leave marks on the porcelain tile.

Step.2:  Add Vinegar To a Gallon of Water

For wet cleaning add one-fourth cup of vinegar to a gallon of water for deep cleaning. Also, you may use a non-abrasive commercial cleaning solution.

Step.3: Mop The Floor:

Mop the floor with a gentle floor cleanser, which does not affect the glossiness of the tile. 

Step.4: Use Hot Water:

Before the cleaning solution has dried completely use hot water to clean the surface.

Step.5: Drying:

Final step is to pat drying with a microfiber cloth or clean towel, then buff with a cheesecloth or other fabric to a sheen.


What Not to do for Porcelain Tile Cleaning?

Having discussed the methods on how to clean porcelain tile floors, it is also important to establish certain things which must be avoided to maintain porcelain tile. Many of the below point, if not followed properly, may affect the colour, design and overall life of the porcelain tile adversely. So, here they are:

  • Coloured materials should not be used on unglazed porcelain tiles because they may discolour them.
  • On a porcelain floor, never use steel wool or other abrasive tools. These can create scratches and damage to the tile's surface.
  • For routine cleaning, avoid using chemical cleaners including ammonia, bleach, or acids. Corrosive substances can damage the tile's surface and enhance its water absorption rate. Corrosive chemicals will also degrade the grout, loosening the tiles and allowing water to get beneath the tiles, causing dampness.
  • While most cleaners will not harm porcelain, certain very abrasive chemicals may so avoid anything too abrasive. Always read the label provided by the manufacturer.

Following the above-suggested solutions will provide the finest protection for your porcelain tiled floor while also keeping it looking its best. These guidelines are to ensure that you are able to preserve your porcelain floor in excellent shape and extend its lifespan. Porcelain tiles are one of the easiest flooring materials to keep clean. Vitrified porcelain tiles and smooth glazed-surface tiles are the simplest to clean, although unglazed and textured porcelain tiles may be kept clean with appropriate care.


Article Updated:- March 02, 2023

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