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large format porcelain slab

Do you want to assemble a striking marble wall for a better aesthetic and chic look to your office or store or planning to renovate or fabricate your kitchen by adding a marble slab? But afraid of various cons concomitant to marble, i.e., cost, maintenance, and transportation issue? Fret not! Large Porcelain slab has come to rescue all the worries related to architectural demand for the substitute of marble.

The porcelain tiles the UK has been propagated and are a new concept that has plunged in the ceramic souk. Architecture and interior designers are falling in love with the notion of exercising large porcelain vitrified tile for copious of diverse construction and transformation projects, including them as porcelain floor tiles of dimension 600*600, exterior-cladding, porcelain countertops, and more.

High-gauges porcelain slabs or tiles come in 2 variants: as a marble finish or as a polished porcelain tile and as a wooden finish or wood porcelain tile. The porcelain marble slab is brought into being from the amalgamation of fine clay-rich with several mineral oxides (that imparts potency and tint) and a mineral. Then the concoction of the clay and minerals is warm through at a precise high temperature.

The technique of creating these large porcelain tiles is known as a dust-pressed technique that makes them compact, water-resistant, fine-grained and even. During this technique, they are coated with a pigmented veneer and then they are called as glazed porcelain tiles or glazed porcelain slabs, which are used extensively as white porcelain tiles for countertops in the kitchen. Finally, they are ready to give an appealing charm parallel to natural stone within burning a hole in the pocket.

The wood porcelain tile is crafted using a specialized-grade inkjet technique that embosses the gaze of wood onto the surface of the large porcelain tile with prodigious pragmatism. The façades of the wood porcelain tiles have a smooth surfaced to impersonate the wood grain. The wood porcelain tiles come in an ample collection of finishes, textures, and colors such as rustic driftwood, oak, rich cherry, finishes and more. They are expressly hewed and enriched by lofty attention to details for an erudite and genteel guise to the home, offices, and buildings.

The large porcelain tiles come in hefty sizes, such as ten by 5 feet. They can be easily customizable to the smallest possible tile, which can be used for various architecture projects as commercial and residential projects’ exterior cladding. Due to its numerous design options, size, durability, fire resistance, and light-weightiness feature, these large porcelain tiles are used as outdoor porcelain tile emerging on the exterior cladding of some of the most exalted architectural edifices.

The porcelain slabs are used in renovating or constructing homes by using them for structuring affordable countertops, furniture, floors, walls, bathroom vanities, shower walls, sink, bathtub and more. Due to its thin thickness profile ranging from 6mm to 20mm, they, as anticipated, become some of the easiest and most lightweight ceramic material, which makes them cost-effective and easily installable.

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