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Planning to refinish your commercial or residential property or planning to build a home or office space is now an easy task due to the surplus of tiles available in the market. Matt Glazed tiles and Polished Glazed tiles are the highly necessitated tiles among the competent interior designers. These glazed vitrified tiles are created from a clay called porcelain clay. They are produced using a specialized methodology known as a dust- pressed method, after that they are printed using digital printing technology. In the printing methodology, the tile designs are printed digitally on the surface of the polished and glazed vitrified tiles. The design of these tiles is created from computers using a specialised program, and later on, the images or the designs created are applied onto the surface of the tiles using special printers known as inkjets, the printing process is called as inkjet printing, and the technology is termed as digital printing technology. Due to the usage of hi-tech printing technique, the polished and glazed vitrified tiles are attractive, and they retain their shine, lustre, design for a longer period. Finally, these vitrified tiles are coated by a liquid glass or by an enamel. The coat created by the liquid glass or enamel imparts glaze to the porcelain tiles, the glaze can be in two finishes that are matte and glossy.

Polished Glazed Vitrified Tiles GVT PGVT Tile Collection

Matt Glazed tiles are commonly known as Glazed Vitrified tiles or GVT tiles; they are the glazed vitrified tiles with a matte finish. The upper surface of the glazed vitrified tiles has the matte finish and comes in a variety of prints, designs, finishes, and textures such as natural stone, slate, wood, bamboo etc. Polished Glazed tiles are commonly known as Polished Glazed Vitrified tiles or PGVT tiles; they are the glazed vitrified tiles with a glossy finish. These tiles are the single-layered tiles that are formed by hard- pressed methodology in which high pressure is applied on the tiles using a specific machine called a hydraulic pressing machine. This makes the polished tiles durable, and after the hard-pressing technique, these tiles are digitally printed and later on coating is done to add high-gloss effect to the polished tiles. Due to the digital-printing and special coating done on the polished tiles, they are visually fascinating and are stain-resistant, bacteria-resistant, and wear-tear resistant.

In polished and glazed vitrified tiles, the glaze covers the pores present on the surface of the tiles and creates a shield against water, dust, moulds and the tile, due to its high glaze these gvt / pgvt floor tiles and gvt / pgvt wall tiles have lower water absorption rate, requires low maintenance, and are durable. Additionally, the polished and glazed ceramic tiles are the best fit in the areas with a high probability of moisture intent, these tiles are installed especially in the rooms or spaces where the risk of moisture damage is high. Our company takes the lead as a gvt / pgvt tiles manufacturer. It has an array of polished and glazed ceramic tiles that are suitable for both commercial areas as offices or malls and residential areas like flats, bungalows, and independent houses.

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