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GVT Tiles

What is Gvt Tiles?

Glass Vitrified Tiles (GVT) are a type of ceramic tiles that consist primarily of 90% glass and vitrified materials. This allows for the tile to be heated up quickly, which is useful in many climates where this process would normally take days because it can then be cooled off more easily with water or air conditioning as well.

What is PGVT Tiles?

The definition for polished glazed vitrified Tiles (PGVT) is a type of ceramic tile that consists primarily of 85% glass and vitrified materials. This allows for the tile to be heated up quickly, which is useful in many climates where this process would normally take days because it can then be cooled off more easily with water or air conditioning as well.

PGVT Tiles

What is the Difference Between Gvt and Pgvt Tiles?

Materials : GVT uses 90% glass and vitrified materials, PGVT uses 85%.

Cooling : You can cool down the tile surface faster in a PGVT tile than a GVT.

Heating : You can heat up the surface of PGVTs more quickly, but they cool down less quickly.

Thickness : The thickness is about two times greater in Gvt tiles than Pgvt Tiles.

Longevity and Durability : The longevity of a PGVT tile is greater, but the durability of a PGVT tile is less than that for GvT tiles

Size : You can find many sizes of GVT tiles on the market, but a PGVT tile is only available in limited sizes.

Application : You can use either type of tile for outdoor or indoor purposes.

Which is Better For Your Home Gvt or Pgvt Tiles?

The best choice for your home or commercial property will depend on the colors, patterns and price point that you are looking for. Gvt tiles come with a higher price tag than Pgvts but they also offer more options in terms of color variations as well as pattern design.

Pgvt Tiles are less expensive than Gvt, so if money is a concern, pgvt tiles may be a better option.

Where You Can Use Gvt And Pgvt Tiles?

You can use our Gvt And Pgvt Tiles for your kitchen, bathroom. All of these tiles are durable and attractive to the eye as well. You will also find that you don't need grout because they're made from a vitrified enamel material which means its strength is comparable to natural stone or other tile materials but without the need for grouting. This is very important to know because if you want a clean, swept appearance in your kitchen or bathroom then this tile will be perfect!


Gvt and Pgvt tiles are a perfect choice for your kitchen. If you want to give personality and style to your space then this is the tile! We have many different colors and finishes to choose from. We also carry tiles that are a perfect size for your kitchen space or even the backsplash of your stove!

Gvt And Pgvt Tiles In Kitchen
Gvt And Pgvt Tiles In Bathroom


The bathroom is another room where Gvt and Pgvt tiles can be used in abundance. If you want a clean, sleek and luxurious look then these are the tiles for you. They're perfect for your shower floor or walls. You can also use them in a bathroom to give it some personality because they come in many different colors which is a great way to make it stand out against your other appliances!

Living Room

There are many ways to use Gvt And Pgvt Tiles in your living room. You can choose a color and design that fits your specific personality or style because they come in so many different colors and styles! We offer tiles which will make the floor of any living space feel luxurious as well as giving it an elegant appearance.

If you're looking for a tile that will bring luxury to your space then Gvt And Pgvt Tiles are the perfect way to do this!

Gvt And Pgvt Tiles In Living Room
Gvt And Pgvt Tiles In Hallway


Gvt and Pgvt tiles are a perfect choice for your hallway. They come in many different colors so you can customize them to fit the color scheme of your home! The durability is also important because they're made from vitrified enamel which means it's very strong, comparable to natural stone or other tile materials but with no need for grouting.


Gvt and Pgvt tiles are perfect for your outdoor space. They're durable, attractive to the eye, as well as being strong enough to withstand any type of weather! We offer a variety of colors so you can choose one that will fit in with your style or personality as well.

Gvt And Pgvt Tiles On Outdoor Floors

Different Finishes in which our Gvt And Pgvt Tiles Available:

Below you can check collections about different finishes in which our Gvt and Pgvt tiles are available:


Glossy Gvt/Pgvt Tiles provides a very elegant look and feel. It is available in various colors like white, black, green etc. The glossy tiles are popular for its shine effect and they make the room more lively which may provide a luxurious feeling to any home decorator. There are many advantages of using glossy finish Gvt And Pgvt Tiles, some of them are

It shines beautifully and adds more life to the room decor.

The glossy ceramic is available in various colors which make it easy for you to find a favorite color for your home or office design.

Glossy tiles have shine effect that makes it easy to clean.

Gvt and Pgvt tiles are mostly used in office buildings, commercial establishments as well as homes.

Glossy GVT PGVT Tile
Rustic GVT PGVT Tile


Rustic Gvt and Pgvt tiles are traditionally made with a natural stone material, but these days they can be created from synthetic materials. They're usually finished in the same manner as granite or marble, using an elegant matte appearance that looks like something you might see inside of a fancy, expensive hotel lobby.


The Satin Finish has a look that is an eye-catching and beautiful way of adding style to your home. You can go for something subtle with the sheen or choose a high gloss shine, as well. Our tiles come in several colors, so you can find one that is perfect for your home.

The satin finish on our Gvt And Pgvt Tiles will give your bathroom a classy look without the maintenance of other surfaces like wood. You won't need to worry about it getting scratched or damaged by water and soap in wet areas because these tiles are stain-resistant. But that doesn't mean you can't enjoy the beauty of these tiles in your kitchen, dining room or living area, too!

Satin GVT PGVT Tile
Wood Look GVT PGVT Tile


The Wood Finish Gvt And Pgvt Tiles are both made of ceramic. The difference between the two is that the wood finish gvt and pgvt tiles have a light brown wooden texture, giving it an appearance very close to natural stone. This style is well suited for areas such as kitchens or bathrooms where you want a more simplistic appearance

The wood finish gvt and pgvt tiles are lighter in color than the natural stone look, but still provides a rich texture that is not present with regular ceramic tile. The brown appearance of these GVT and Pgvt Tiles also gives them an earthy feel to it as well. This style often suits people who want to be as eco-friendly as possible.

The wood finish gvt and pgvt tiles are most often used in residential homes, but also have been seen being used for commercial purposes. This style is typically the best seller amongst our GVT And Pgvt Tiles products. The light brown wood texture will usually match well with lighter colors such as light greys or whites.


The sugar finish is a glossy, high-gloss and reflective surface that is typically coated with three layers. This is the most luxurious look you can get on your tiles because it's so shiny. In order to achieve this sheen or shine in these finishes they are usually made of a combination of three layers. The first layer is an acid-etching process to remove the glossy surface and create texture on the material, which gives it that matte finish look

The second step is immerse in a solution with gold flakes or other metal particles, usually copper or silver. Then the tiles are immersed in a solution of acrylic and then finally sealed with polyurethane to give it that glossy finish, but most importantly protect your floor from scuffs and scratches.

This is not recommended for high-traffic areas like hallways because it's so glossy and can get scratched easily. For this reason, it is best for medium-traffic areas like living rooms or bedrooms where you won't be walking around with shoes on all the time.

This type of finish also works well in bathrooms because of its reflective quality that will make it easier to see what you're doing in the shower or bathtub

If you want a high-quality finish that is glossy and reflective, then this type of tile may be for you. But if your looking for something more durable where scuffs and scratches aren't a concern, then you may want to go with the granite finish

Sugar GVT PGVT Tile
High Glossy GVT PGVT Tile

High Glossy

High Glossy Finish Gvt And Pgvt Tiles: High gloss tiles are made of superior quality material and have an attractive finish. The shiny surface is smooth to the touch, resistant to staining or scratching and has a natural feel that will not absorb heat like other materials. These properties make them suitable for both residential and commercial use.

Different colors in which Gvt And Pgvt Tiles Available

One of the most important considerations with vitrified tiles is color. Some people prefer gray, others like light beige or pink and some may lean towards dark colors such as black or brown. The color of the gvt and pgvt tiles can vary according to how they're made, but primarily these colors come in white, black, light beige, dark beige and gray. Below we provide collections about different colors:

White GVT PGVT Tile


White is the most common color for vitrified tiles. It's conservative in style and looks great with any kind of decorating scheme, from rustic to modern chic.

Black GVT PGVT Tile


Black gvt and pgvt tiles are not as popular but they have growing popularity among homeowners who like the contrast they provide. These gvt and pgvt tiles can also look great in a room with simple decor, or any type of space that needs to have an edgier feel.

Light Beige GVT PGVT Tile

Light Beige

Light beige has more appeal for those who want something different but still want to keep with the color palette of their current decor. This is a great option for those who may have children or pets that are constantly spilling, bruising and scratching furniture and other items in their home.

Dark Beige GVT PGVT Tile

Dark Beige

Dark beige gvt and pgvt tiles can add warmth to a space. It's also a great option for those who have used other dark colors in their decorating scheme and want to lighten things up with this color choice

Gray GVT PGVT Tile


Gray gvt and pgvt tiles are the most common of all neutral tones, so they're perfect if you're looking for a color that goes with everything. The gray color is also a great option for those who like to change things up often and want the ability to add new colors without feeling as if they're making an irreversible commitment



Red is a great color for those who want something bolder than white or beige but don't like the idea of using black gvt and pgvt tiles all over their home because it can make things appear too dark. Red gvt and pgvt tiles can also be a great way to introduce pops of color into your home.

Dark Brown GVT PGVT Tile

Dark Brown

If you're looking for an earthy, sophisticated look then dark brown is the perfect choice. This color tone works well with darker gray tones as it provides contrast without being overly bold.

Gold Large Format Porcelain Tiles


The golden large format porcelain tile is a bolder and more adventurous option. It's sometimes used to create an elegant feel inside any room they are placed in.

Different Sizes in which our Gvt And Pgvt Tiles Available:

There are main three sizes in which we offer our Gvt and Pgvt tiles:

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