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PGVT Tiles

PGVT tiles or polished glazed vitrified tiles are variations of vitrified material, which is one of the most durable alternatives available. These tiles are comprised of a single layer of material that has been polished with a specific coating to make it smooth and shiny. They are appealing and stylish, and may completely transform the appearance of a space. The PGVT tile patterns are digitally engraved on the tile surface and will not fade or become damaged over time. 

Polished glazed vitrified tiles or PGVT tiles are manufactured using a hard-press process, which means they are extremely durable and require little care over extended periods of time. The digital pattern is imprinted on the tile surface, which is of glazed material and is approximately 1-2mm thick. The tile is then polished to give it a more gleaming appearance. This procedure provides PGVT tiles more strength and durability than other types of tiles.

PGVT tiles, also known as polished glazed vitrified tiles are elegant and stylish, and may completely transform the appearance of a space. These tiles are made of a single layer of material that has been polished with a special coating to give them a smooth and shiny surface. They are variations of vitrified material, which is regarded as one of the toughest alternatives available. 

PGVT tiles feature a glossy surface, making them the preferable choice for areas where architecture and beauty are critical. The distinctive PGVT tile designs are digitally engraved on the tile surface and will not fade or become damaged over time. Because PGVT tiles have a high reflecting index and a glossy surface, they shine brightly. Manufacturers and PGVT tiles exporters around the world are coming up with new techniques & designs and constantly meeting the growing demand and trend.

Why PGVT Vitrified Tiles?

PGVT tiles are a great choice for wall or floor cladding. They are more resistant to scratches and have a longer lifespan. Vitrified tiles absorb extremely little water and are stain resistant. Because they are resistant to moisture, vitrified tiles limit the growth of germs and fungus. Vitrified tiles are uniform in size, color, and thickness. Vitrified tiles are easier to install and require little to no setting time or polishing after installation. Because of its gleaming surface, it is simple to clean. 

Because they are moisture resistant, these tiles are the finest choice for flooring in damp regions. These tiles may be put in a brick or straight pattern and paired with other tiles to suit your aesthetics. The shine does not fade quickly. The color of the tiles does not get affected by the weather or the sun, nor do they cause them to fade which makes them perfect for outdoor cladding. Furthermore, PGVT tiles are quite reasonably priced.

PGVT Tiles Exporter in India

Bluezone Vitrified is one of the largest PGVT tiles exporter India. The GVT/PGVT line blends the excellent technical performance of extra-thick materials with a refined style inspired by concrete's modernism, stone's timeless appeal, and wood's natural warmth. This series is available in a variety of sizes and patterns that add a pleasant appeal and durable practicality to many types of indoor and outdoor places. 

PGVT tiles are less expensive than GVT tiles, thus if cost is an issue, PGVT tiles may be a better choice. Also, since they are one of the best producers of PGVT tiles they have been able to maintain an inventory and sustain a distribution network to allow seamless Pgvt tiles export across the domestic market as well as the global market. As a PGVT tiles exporter, their fantastic tile collection has a broad variety of alternatives and one-of-a-kind patterns to match your specific needs. 


As a PGVT tiles exporter, Bluezone Vitrified has gained a reputation and a loyal following as a result of its extensive and ever-expanding range of vitrified tiles in a variety of shapes, sizes, and patterns, as well as many finishes and color possibilities. Their objective and devotion to establishing long-term commercial relationships with nations all over the world has motivated us to work harder to develop better tiling solutions and to explore new novelties in our goods in order to keep their consumers hungry for more. 

Their constant dedication to quality and consistent service has positioned them as a key player in the tiling business. They have spent time and money establishing new designs, manufacturing processes, export processes, and customer support. Their export services are assured by end-to-end client assistance, multiple quality inspections at each step of packing, shipping, and adherence to all international standards and documentations, making it a simple and straightforward operation. 

Export Product

Bluezone offers a wide array of PGVT and GVT tiles in many different varieties as below:

Different Sizes:

Different Finishes:

  • Glossy
  • Rustic
  • Satin
  • Wood
  • Sugar
  • High Glossy

Different Colors:

  • White
  • Black
  • Light Beige
  • Dark Beige
  • Grey
  • Red
  • Dark Brown
  • Gold

Bluezone Vitrified Pvt. Ltd.

Bluezone Vitrified offers a wide variety of flooring and tiling options. They are masters at their craft and have been able to serve the highest quality PGVT vitrified tiles in the market. Bluezone Vitrified Pvt. Ltd., is GVT PGVT tiles manufacturer in Morbi. It is a prominent global supplier based in Morbi and one of the top ceramic & vitrified tile manufacturers in India. With the PGVT collection, they have gained and earned a reputation for quality and creativity. 

Apart from being a premier PGVT tiles exporter, they are the leading creators and manufacturers among PGVT/GVT tiles manufacturers, with facilities spread throughout the most sophisticated and well-equipped production plant. With the affiliation of goods examined for quality for local ISO certification, establishing as a top PGVT Tiles Supplier, or the International Standard CE certification, they have had a trusted status throughout their history.

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